2012/01/25 – 09:47

flash.trace.Trace in depth

Results of tests with Implications on performance and compatibility of using flash.trace.Trace

2011/08/06 – 17:50

Plugins and Browsers (ideas)

Flash’s popularity has sunk the past years. But I think in this discussions the original value of Flash has been forgotten: It extended the browsers capabilities. HTML has always been a war field between the different browser ven…

2011/04/18 – 19:51

Mastering AS3 namespaces

I know few programmers who can really say they understand namespaces in ActionScript. Aside a few rudime…. With this article I want to give you a very deep understanding of namespaces. It was worthy of time for me, hopefully for you too.

2011/03/24 – 04:14

AS3 binding without flex [nanosome]

I like flex binding. Its one of the few things that I am really wishing to have for Non-Flex projects. Well, wishing time is over. nanosome notify, my new project, contains a quite viable ActionScript3-only binding mechanism!

2010/07/11 – 14:33

Architecting as3commons-logging

I recently wrote and deployed the new logging framework for as3commons, here is its story: Quite a while ago Christophe Herreman and the team of Spring Actionscript thought that their work is useful for more than just Spring and started to publish some of their work at as3commons.

2010/06/25 – 11:34

Quick Hint: Fix Debugging in Firefox

The new Firefox 3.6 “Crash Protection” makes debugging with Flash Builder/FDT impossible. A small change in firefox config allows to fix that problem.

2010/04/30 – 13:38

Clean SWF’s in 10 steps

(for libraries, pedants and teams) I am just in the midst of working at an application that takes a closer look at the swf’s we publish. While doing so I recognized that there are some things one might want to consider when you finish your work at a .swf that I saw many people not [...]

2010/04/17 – 00:24

About Threading

As mentioned in one of my former posts, last week I was able to hold a presentation about threads at the flex user group cologne. The recording didn’t work properly so I translated it to english and held it once more in our office for a few colleagues, this time the recording worked, enjoy!

2010/04/16 – 18:54

302 and POST requests

Some things in the Http specification are counterintuitive. Working in the client-server programming field, this is something that I have to deal with every now and then. One case in particular is stressful in the environment I work.

2010/04/11 – 02:08

Step based thread processor for libspark

I have been holding a presentation today at the Flash User Group Cologne about Threading and a processor I wrote as addition to the libspark thread framework.

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