2009/05/20 – 00:28

JActionScripters – Flashers from Japan

20+ japanese flash gurus
1 blog
100% english

The massive use and publicity of AR(co-triggered by the FlarToolkit) and the growing interest into the Spark Project in general moved the Japanese Flash Developers to finally share their knowledge to the rest of the world.

JActionScripters is the title of their new collaborative blog. Entirely in english you can find the hottest stuff thats going on around the Flash platform.

Example of the fractal experiment

Its amazing how much flow those guys have right now: beside the daily updates at the Spark Project, their own blog posts in japanese and the work on new projects, they produced in the 4 days its online already about 10 quite interesting blog posts about things like fractal painting, lcd effect, vector multiplication or adaptive thresholding.

I warmly recommend you to check them out!

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